How can I set my Windows computer's audio out to go to my Linux computer?
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I'd like to be able to select my Linux box as my audio out device in my Windows 7 box. Is there a way to make that happen?
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Response by poster: Stream audio to the Linux box over the network, preferably by having windows use a virtual device that it thinks is just another soundcard output.
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Response by poster: (In answer to your question, "What exactly are you trying to do?")
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I've not used it but there's a software package called "Airfoil Speakers" that appears to do what you're after:
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AirFoil is great!
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Airfoil by Rogue Amoeba. Seriously, look no further.
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Response by poster: It costs $25. That's reasonable, but I'm thinking this problem has an obscure FOSS solution somewhere out there. I'll keep looking for a while.
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Well, you could set up an icecast server on the windows box and a listener on the Linux side.

Alternatively, most Linux systems use PulseAudio, which is a network transparent protocol. Apparently there are binaries for Windows, which you might be able to contort into streaming audio for.
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Yeah, I do this all the time with Linux and pulseaudio. If there is pulseaudio for Windows, give it a go.
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