Best Solo Cult TV/Film Blogs?
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Which niche or cult TV, science fiction or film blogs are as good or better than published work on their subject? I'm thinking of long standing blogs offering in depth history, insight or criticism written by one person like this Doctor Who one, rather than behemoths like the AV Club. Extra points for British subject matter.
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Asking the Wrong Questions by Abigail Nussbaum is as thoughtful and insightful a genre criticism blog as you'll find anywhere. It's not updated quite as frequently since she became an editor at Strange Horizons, but it's still great. Plus, she takes time out from SF criticism to wax rhapsodic about Jane Austen, which always works for me.
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I came in to say Asking the Wrong Questions, too.

You may also enjoy Punkadiddle by Adam Roberts. Roberts is a successful SF author, but as a critic/blogger, he's is probably best known for his epic reviews of the Wheel of Time series.
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Andrew Rilstone's various posts on Doctor Who are excellent. His current blog only goes back to 2005, but he's been writing about the show since sometime in the nineties and he's always interesting and usually right.
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Response by poster: Thanks, great suggestions guys.
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N.K. Jemison's blog (she's an award-winning author, so it's not exactly an "amateur blog') has lots of insightful commentary on the state of SF and fantasy, plus long reviews and essays. Well worth reading.
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I very much like Tachyon TV - which covers Dr Who and classic British TV (especially comedy). My favourite feature on there, though, is Adventures With the Wife in Space.
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