Strip clubs in CA
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In Montreal for a bachelor party and looking for a full-contact strip club.

Where can a group of 7 guys looking for a delightful time go and get the full Montreal strip club experience? Most of the other questions about such things are from a few years ago and I'm looking for the latest information. The sleazier, the better.
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I don't think you'll have a problem.. I didn't go inside, but it seemed like there was a "Dance Contact Dance" on practically every block.
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Let me Google that for you.
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That thread is from 2008, zadcat, so doesn't exactly meet the requirement for the latest information.
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Best answer: there is a corner by St. Denis & St. Catherine's that has several strip clubs. you shouldn't have a problem with sleazy -- the farther out of downtown the dirtier they'll be. there's Bar Exotique on Rue du Parc at around...St. Joseph or Fairmount? it has horrible plastic posters of half naked ladies with jungle leaves photoshopped on. I've only been to Club Wanda's at Guy & Peel, which was rather nice. Kama Sutra also comes highly recommended.

You will have less of a problem with language barrier if you stick to downtown though.

remember -- even after you've paid for your dances it is customary to TIP.

OH, and if you want really sleazy, go for post-bachelor party breakfast at one of Montreal's 'sexy breakfast' joints. naked waitresses serving diner food! it's pretty ridiculous. I went to Chez Lidia for my birthday a few years back and had some rather delicious french toast served by the human equivalent of a blonde my little pony.
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I'd stay away from Super Sexe -- guys always think they want seedy, but honestly, go to Wanda's or Kama Sutra. the prices should be similar -- dance prices are usually pretty regulated within an area.
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