Can you id this object?
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What is this object?

My neighbour found this...thing and asked me what it was, but I've been unable to identify it.
Here are a couple pictures of said object.

It has a working AM/FM radio. The radio has no output, just built-in speakers. It also has a general label posted on the top (where the pole is coming out) that primarily warns against electrical shock. The label suggests it would be used with a lighting fixture of some sort, as it addresses attaching a lighting fixture to the pole.
I can answer any questions that might help.
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I'm only guessing, but might it be a head for a speaker? Does it have an output in the back?
posted by Gilbert at 2:21 PM on September 9, 2011

No it doesn't. It has an input however which looks to be standard 3.5mm audio jack.
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A large, portable, homemade ham radio with a long antenna, probably made in the 1970s.
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It's definitely not a homemade device judging from all of the stickers that are on it. I doubt it was used for ham radio as the pole isn't an designed for an antennae but a light (according to the stickers). I suppose the device could hold someone's rig but the basic am/fm radio on it makes me thing otherwise.

Also I should mention the small wheels seem to suggest it would be used on a concrete floor, which made me think an autoshop. My neighbour thinks otherwise as he worked in an autoshop for several years.
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Portable radio broadcast station, stripped of all of the equipment. The internal receiver is to check local signal interference. Notice the wheels? Portable. Post is for mounting antennas.
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Wow, I don't have any idea yet, and nothing in the thread so far sounds right.

Can we get a picture of the control panel?
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Years ago I saw a rig that looked somewhat like this used for testing a devices radio emissions. Just a guess.
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