Any ideas for a neat office gift?
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My girlfriend's company is in their busiest season. Last year I sent her and her co-workers this. Everyone really enjoyed it! Any suggestions on something similar for this year. I was definately the awesome boyfriend of the office last year and would like to keep the title.
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In the candy department i think a nostalgic candy gift basket like the child of the 80's (fill in appropriate decade) mix would be fun.
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How many people are we talking about here?

] Bad boy, bitrot! [
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Jelly Belly has some fun gift packs.
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Those nostalgic candy baskets are really neat. And they have to taste better than anything Hershey's.
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I sent the Chocolate Lover's Trio from this site to my girlfriend at her office last year. They're delicious.
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You could send them a huge, honkin' bag of M&M's in their company colors.
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This went over well at a recent office occasion.
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First off, realize that if you up the ante this year, you are trapped in a cycle that will eventually obligate you to send cases of Dom Perignon and 12 year old Scotch years down the line, presuming your SO keeps the same job.

That being said, Harry and David have nice, diverse, gourmet and expensive gift baskets that really do kinda rock. And are expensive, sigh. Man I could tear into one of those right now...
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