FileMaker Pro 11 help, please!
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How do I activate web sharing in Filemaker 11 on OSX 10.6.8

In an effort to improve our agencies data base management, we've looking to move our data bases from an older mac running 10.4 to a new iMac running 10.6.8 (Filemaker is not ready for 10.7 yet and will not run correctly according to Filemaker sales rep). We use Instant Web Publishing to allow staff members access to the data.

I can easily open (using "File", "Open", and selecting our old database file) our old FileMaker Pro 8 data bases on the new machine (using a 30 day free trial of FileMaker Pro 11). But, there's a problem.

When I attempt to activate Instant Web Publishing, all the instructions say to go to the "File" menu and select "Sharing", however, there is NO Sharing menu item under the "File" menu as long as this file is open. There is, however, a "Sharing" menu under the "Filemaker Pro" menu item, but selecting it does nothing.

Oddly, if I create a new database, there IS a "Sharing" menu item under the "File" Menu, and the "Sharing" menu also shows up if there is no file open at all.

I suspect it has something to do with the importing/opening of the older file with the new version of FileMaker, but I can't figure out how to get around this.

Two days of googling has not found the answer and FileMaker support wants $45 to talk to me.

Help me for free, Metafilter, it's a good cause!
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Response by poster: odinsdream, thanks for the quick response.

I went to File, manage, security and checked the fmiwp setting. it indicated that all of our users were granted that access. I went through and unchecked and then rechecked the boxes. This didn't change the ability to access the Sharing menu and turn on iwp.
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Response by poster: I'm opening it from my local disk. I'm on the computer that is home to both filemaker and the database.
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Response by poster: But, I DO have the Sharing menu under the File menu as long as I don't have a database open, or if I create a new data base. It is only with the older databases that I don't have the sharing menu under file.
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Response by poster: "So the sharing option is present if you open it on the old Filemaker version?"

That's an interesting question.

I have the file open on the old computer, using filemaker pro 8, and the Sharing option IS available (under the "Filemaker" menu, not under the file menu), and shows the triangle for a submenu (and the submenu does come up as it should).

On the new computer it is as described above. With a new (or no) file open, the sharing menu is under the File menu (as it should be in Filemaker 11 if I understand correctly). With the old file open, sharing is under the Filemaker menu and won't respond in any manner when selected (and doesn't show the triangle for the submenu).
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Response by poster: ha! I did find a workaround. If I create a new database in FM 11, while the old one is also open in FM11 , I can then access sharing menu item (while the new database is the front window), turn on iwp for both files and all is well! This is a strange way to do business, but it worked...

If anyone has a better way to do this, let me know...tia!

odinsdream, thanks for persisting in helping me with this!
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