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I am in China, have access to a brilliant tailor and a large budget. I have a series of meetings in Shanghai on Tuesday and want some new clothes. Help me look like Bradley Cooper at his very best in Limitless.

I really like this style and would appreciate any links to pictures of outfits that match the kind of look I'm going for. I guess we can call it small casual business wear.

What is the name of this collar, by the way?
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If you have a brilliant tailor, take your photos to him/her. And after you express what you like, take his/her advice. Not everyone looks as good in movie fashions, as movie stars.
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To emulate Bradley Cooper's modern, sleek style, you want a suit that's cut slim all over, nipped in slightly at the waist, flat front pants. For the suiting, stay away from polyester or anything that's strangely shiny. Light weight wool is always a good bet. You still need to figure out what you want in the details, such as notched/peaked lapels, number of buttons, single/double vent, cuffs/no cuffs, etc. GQ gives a basic guide to suits in this slideshow. And unless you're perfectly built like Bradley Cooper, here's another slideshow with tips on how a suit can bring out the best of different body types. Just a heads up, very few men can pull off a black pinstriped suit with peaked lapels without looking as if they're trying to dress up like a mobster. You need to have genuine swagger for that to work.

The collar in the picture you linked is just a normal shirt collar. It just looks that way because he's not wearing a tie and the collar tips are tucked in the suit lapels just so. If you like that look and your collar tips won't stay tucked like in the picture, you might like a shirt with an Oxford or button-down collar (see the tiny buttons keeping the collar in place?).
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The canonical forum for asking questions like this is styleforum.net. Maybe repost there?
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If you are in or will travel to Hong Kong, visit The Armoury. They have high quality, well-cut suits, plus shirts, ties, and shoes.
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