help me cook like my asian mom!
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recommendation for inner containers for pressure cooker?

remember (if you're asian) your mom used to use multiple tiered stacked containers within her pressure cooker? so she can cook multiple things (rice, beans, etc) at once in it?
any recommendations for where to buy such stacked tiered containers? I presume they have to be stainless steel.

I looked at tiffin carriers - but seem too small (each container wont hold a cup or two of rice - ie, are stoo small); i looked at individual steel containers - most dont stack!
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I use a small metal mixing bowl, covered with aluminum foil, crimped firmly around the edges. I just put the leftovers in the same bowl with the same foil in the fridge, and stack stuff on top, and the foil stands up to that treatment. So that's primitive, but stackable.

But I'll be watching this thread with interest.

Also, jak68, you must post your mom's recipes!
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The containers however don't have to be stainless steel. Aluminium works as well or any other metal container.

You can get steamers like this with legs and experiment with veg and rice or veg and dal or beans and dal but I guess not two things which require water like rice and dal.
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Depending on the brand of your pressure cooker you might be able to buy an insert. Here is a website that sells indian pressure cookers and accessories:

I haven't ordered from them but they do have interior containers for all different pressure cookers.

Also- Lorna Sass is a big pressure cooking person and she writes about cooking in containers inside the pressure cooker and there were some blogs that covered the same thing.
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Maybe you want an Ohsawa ceramic cooking pot? I have one that looks like this and makes great brown rice in the pressure cooker. I don't know if you could stack them though.
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