Mission Impossible: Stress-Free Large Group Brunch in San Francisco
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SF-filter: Please recommend a brunch place that is pretty much exactly like The Sycamore, but isn't The Sycamore.

First of all, thank you SF Mefites for introducing me to the utterly delightful Sycamore in the first place. Nothing will ever quite measure up, which is sort of the problem.

I host a periodic brunch meetup and stressful experience has told me that the optimum venue has the following qualities:
-Serves brunch (very important--essential, really)
-Serves mimosas
-Less than $15 per person for food
-Has vegetarian options
-Order at the bar or counter
-Open seating that can accommodate large groups

Anything that requires reservations ahead of time or splitting the bill among like 15 people is always a hideous, nervewracking time.

The Sycamore is literally the only* place I can think of that does all of the above, but we've already been there.

I'm stumped. Can you guys help me out?

*Apart from, uh, Frjtz WHICH WE ALL KNOW AND LOVE but the vegetarian options aren't great there
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The Little Chihuahua could fit the bill. I think their Noe Valley location might be a bit bigger than Lower Haight, but I think you could definitely fit 15 people at a table or two.
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Would The Grove in Hayes Valley work?
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