Flats with a Hidden Wedge?
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Simple as this: my favorite pair of shoes is wearing out. It's a pair of Hush Puppies black suede flats with a hidden wedge--i.e. they look like flats, but are actually just a bit higher and more comfortable (for me, anyway). So the question is: where can I find flats with a hidden wedge?
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BC Footwear isn't terribly high quality, but they have a loooooot of shoes with a hidden heel. I just bought their Shadowplay Monk loafer (which appears more hidden in person) and a lot of their low shoes that aren't explicitly "flats" seem to have a slight incline. They're not bad.
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Cole Haan's "Air Andi" style is like that, and is also very comfortable. I don't think they still make them, but there are plenty (new) on on eBay. They may also be making other styles that are similar, because they do lots of nice flats the Nike Air thing they often put in the soles is quite thick.
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These both have a hidden wedge.
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Target actually has some great ones that I think fit the bill.
black suede Ballet flats
slightly higher shinier Peep toes
Woven mini wedge
They aren't the longest-lasting shoes, but they are cheap enough that you can buy another pair if you decide that you like the first one and save it for when they wear out in a year or two.
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I have a pair of flats from me Too, with a hidden wedge of about a half an inch inside.

I can't find my specific style online any more, but these http://www.6pm.com/product/7685561/color/82 are fairly similar and from looking at the close-up of the heel, I suspect they too might have a wedge.

The quality isn't terrific, but they are pretty comfortable. Good luck.
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I love these peep-toe hidden wedges from J. Jill. Not suede though.
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Did you want another pair of Hush Puppies? They're not suede, though...
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I am wearing a pair of these Ecco flats. They have a tiny hidden wedge, and are very comfy.
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