Looking for catering in Montreal's West Island
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I'm looking for a catering service in the West Island of Montreal that will deliver fresh meals to private homes. Bonus points for an online menu/ordering interface. Details inside.

My in-laws live in Montreal's West Island area. They have everything they need, and then some. Their home is filled to the gills with stuff, and I balk at the idea of giving them yet another book/gadget/tchotchke this coming Christmas. (Yeah, I'm thinking about Christmas already. Forgive me.) What they REALLY need is someone to cook for them. We live on the other side of the continent, so my husband and I aren't available to do any cooking.

The ideal catering service would offer a variety of meals that would be delivered fresh to their doorstep once a week. This ideal catering service would have a menu online that they could choose from, and orders could be submitted over the phone or online. However, a good old fashioned paper menu and telephone for ordering would also be okay.

I don't think it would occur to my in-laws to seek out a service like this. I suspect that they don't realize that they could use the help, and they aren't the type of people who buy a lot of services. They buy goods out the wazoo, but they don't need more stuff. What they need is help in the house.
They have the money and they really need the service. If my husband and I were to give them the gift of a few weeks of meals from such a service, perhaps they would like it so much that they would just continue.

So, if anyone has some suggestions for catering services like these in the Pointe Claire area of Montreal, let me know!
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This question is pretty specific for ask.mefi – I suggest you also try it on the Montreal Livejournal community, which answers a lot of general questions of this kind.

That said, These guys have a storefront in the Jean-Talon market and a decent reputation in the area, and I believe they deliver, although you will have to ask them whether they go as far as Pointe-Claire.
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The Quebec ChowHound board might also be a good place to ask this question.
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Java U makes very nice catered meals. I've never seen it for fewer than 10, but it does say they deliver for 2 and up.
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I don't think they qualify as "west island", but the folks at Santropol http://www.santropol.com/ may have some ideas for you. They participate in meals on wheels delivered by bike. And the food is top notch
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Response by poster: Thanks all, you've provided me with some research options farther than what I have dug up so far. I'll look into these suggestions and make use of your links!
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