Looking for the horror movie that gave me nightmares as a kid
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I'm looking for a horror movie that I've watched as a kid. What I can remember / reconstruct: probably not made after 1970; may have been black and white; protagonist was an old man who was haunted by a dead friend of his called Abe.

As far as I can remember Abe wanted to warn the protagonist about a still-present danger that caused his death, but when the protagonist tried to get others to help him to eliminate this danger / not getting killed himself, nobody would listen. I'm pretty sure the movie was in English (probably American). I remember the Dutch title as 'De noodkreet van een oude man' (an old man's cry for help), but Googling this yields no relevant hits, and also the original English title may have been something relatively unrelated.
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The Old Man Who Cried Wolf?
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Yes? No?
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Response by poster: (Sleep and work got in the way of Metafiltering, sorry.)

First of all, thanks a lot for your answer. To be honest my memories of the movie are too fuzzy to give you a definite yes or no, but it's such a good fit to the little I remember that I think it's a yes.

(On a more personal note: since pretty much everyone who knew me as a kid has faded from my life in one way or another, it's nice to find that at least some of my childhood memories appear to have some basis in real life. Also, it struck me that this wasn't even a horror movie - I suppose I was simply too young when I watched it, and also things like 'seeing ghosts' and 'not being believed when I tried to tell people about bad stuff' were pretty much part of my world at that age.)

So, thanks again.
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