Need a good headset
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I need recommendations for a good headset with mic for recording. The mic can't shake when I move my head, and the headphones need to be insulated enough so the mic doesn't pick up what's coming through the headphones.

This will be used on a Windows Vista PC. USB is best, but I do have a USB dongle adapter for mini-jacks if need be.

I've purchased 3 different headsets on Amazon and none are meeting my needs. Some have these rubbery microphones and when I turn my head the microphone wags like a dog's tail making a terrible racquet when recording.

Others have poorly insulated earphones and the mic pics up every word that comes through the headphones (though faintly)

I use this for podcasting and while all the sets I've bought in the $25-$75 range have good enough sound for recording through the mic, these other problems are really problematic. I'm the type who moves my head while I talk and sitting stock still is killing me on the waggy-microphone ones.

Anyone have a good recommendation? Bonus points if it's under $100.
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One other thing...something with a pop filter is best to avoid popping my Ps or too much Harsh S sounds.
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I use the Apple headphones with built-in mic, usually used for hands-free calling. I find it works well for recording video and I don't get any extra noise.
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Have you tried a desktop microphone of some sort? That might solve a couple of your problems. As its further away from your headphones and doesn't move when you move your head. Of course if you like to move around a lot while recording it won't work. I've had good luck with a simple Logitech USB desktop one.

It doesn't have a pop filter but you can avoid a lot of that with technique by speaking over the top of a microphone not into it also with a desktop the mic can be a foot or so away from you and that will help with that problem too.
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Expounding on what wwax wrote above about using an desk microphone, a piece of pantyhose cut about 2-3 inches above the toe placed snugly over the microphone is a pretty good pop filter without spending $10-20.
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Might be worth checking out here and see what the recommendations are.
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The desk doesn't work as it is something that needs to be portable, often being used away from the desk (hotel rooms and the like).

Scottie, I checked and saw a few, but man, all very very pricey
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Check out some gaming headsets? I have Plantronics GameCom headphones and they seem like they'd fit the bill for you. Well-insulated earphones and a solid swivel-down mic.
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I know you said desktop won't work, but the Zoom H2 is very portable, small, and gets good sound quality. It's a recorder (although you can use it as a mic) for which the bulk of its body is the (3-mode, very good) microphone. It also comes with a pop filter, and a tiny stand that can screw into the bottom for extra stability (although it stands up fine without this, I think). It fits into the palm of your hand. It's probably ~$200, but you'll probably get much better sound quality than you're used to.
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No bonus points for me, but have you checked out something from The Boom? This MeFite seemed to like it. Or there's aviation and offroad headsets.

As for a pop filter, there are microphone socks you could add on. Or position the boom to the right/left of the corner of your mouth instead of right in front.
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