Does this gay thriller novel sound familiar to you?
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Does this gay thriller novel sound familiar to you?

A friend of mine is attempting to discover the name of an online novel he has forgotten. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
About a year ago I read this incredibly long online book. It was about two main characters involved in this secret government MI6 like team in the future. One, the semi main character, was the son of the 2nd in command (a woman) and the other was this secret weapon character they kept locked in a box till they needed him. I can't remember either of their names, but it was a gay love story of a sort, it might have been qualified as slasher or gor, but it wasn't all that violent, but did have descriptions of them killing people. The dangerous 2nd main character always worked alone, but was forced to take a partner and adopted the son of the 2nd in command as his partner, and slowly they became lovers.

They were sent on secret missions, when at the base the dangerous one had his own house that originally had security cameras to spy on him, but at one point the main character ripped them out so he could have privacy. The main character wears a black leather trenchcoat (really emo, I know, but another detail)

I'm trying to list details in the hope this rings a bell. It was online, all free, but I cannot find it, and I wanted to finish reading the series and it's killing me I don't remember.


The 2nd character's name has been at the front of my brain since last night and just won't come out. I want to say it's asian sounding and starting with an Ha or Hi but I'm not positive. He, the dangerous one, his father was a specially trained assassin too and raised him from like 4 around violence and killing and teaching him his craft and is just described as a human weapon at all times. They even keep him in a box when they can't control him, before the main character comes in and stops it.
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It may be worth asking your question here, a long running thread on gay crime/detective novels.
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