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Please help me find some events, nice restaurants, and semi-formal occasions to get really dressed up for in and around southern New England, and not feel overdressed, for a bunch of 45-year-olds?
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When? Have you seen Waterfire yet?
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I recommend Cuchi Cuchi (warning, still plays music) in Cambridge often as a place where my friends and I like to play dress-up. It's tapas and nice cocktails, and all of the wait-staff wear fabulous outfits, so at worst we look like we're trying to work there. It's a teeny bit camp, though, so if your folks want to be truly and deeply elegant, it might not be the place for you.
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I recommend high tea at Tea Roses in Connecticut
When I was there, there we a great many nicely dressed folks enjoying the excellent tea and food.

I've also heard Still River Cafe is good, it's in Eastbridge.
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Boston Symphony Orchestra
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Yes, Still River Cafe is definitely on the dressy side (it's in Eastford, not Eastbridge). Was less semi-formal than your average wedding. Excellent food, and worth the trip!
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Response by poster: Lovely suggestions! Thank you.
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Maybe host a themed fancy dinner or get-together? I have a friend who hosts a murder mystery party every year; last year it was 1920s-themed and everyone dressed to the nines.
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