Help, I'm stranded and I need some moneyz.
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A hacker hacked into my facebook and changed my email. Facebook can't do anything because both the email and password have been changed. Is there some back-door way to re-change (re-hack-?) the facebook?

Asking for a friend: She's gone through the process of getting the codes from friends, but since the hacker changed her email, she can't get into the account to change the password again.

Since the hacker asked all her friends for money (saying she had been robbed at gunpoint in Spain-- she's not in Spain and hasn't been robbed), we can safely assume we're not going to get it back easily. They seem to have stopped posting, though, so maybe they're done?

Is there some way we can re-hack the account? She's been searching via google, but no luck so far. She would really like to get the account back, instead of starting a new one.

She didn't have a backup email, so Facebook has basically said there's nothing they can do... But I'm hoping the hive-mind will be able to help.
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It may be possible to recover the account through friends.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately, we've tried that, but that method only allows you to change your password. Since the hackers changed the email as well, we don't have any way to change the password.
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who is the email with? You could try recovering the email account- or by "changed the email" do you mean changed the email to point to or the like?
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She should have gotten an email notification when they attempted to register a new email address. Did she? I think there is a "report fraud" link in that email.
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If it turns out to be the case that you can't retrieve the account, you should start a new one, re-friend everyone, and let them know that the old account is now bogus, that they should de-friend it, and that they should ignore anything they get from it. That won't exactly solve your problem, but it will at least mitigate some of the damage some.
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Response by poster: Probably relevant: her email was hacked at the same time, so her contacts were spammed doubly. She's recovered her original email, but the hackers changed the email to their own, email, and deleted all the emails that came into her account.
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Does she have a cellphone number linked to the facebook account? I believe there might be a way to recover it if it's connected to a mobile number.
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Try to see if the email provider has a copy of the deleted emails, maybe?
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Best answer: I wonder if all of the friends could flag lots of statuses and pictures as offensive or spam if Facebook would disable the account. It seems like I've heard about people having their account disabled because some one flagged something that wasn't actually offensive.
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The second "if" was probably supposed to be "so that."
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