Portland shrink needed!
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Need a psychiatrist in Portland, OR

I need to find a shrink for my husband. He has been mildly depressed ever since I've known him, possibly also some ADD too, but mainly we need help with the depression, which leaves him unmotivated and generally pessimistic about life in general.

I'm posting this question with his assent. He knows he needs help, too. He says, "Nobody too shrinky, hopefully some hippie-type person"... we mainly need a shrink for meds, I don't think my husband has the patience or the ability right now for talk therapy or CBT. We just need to work on his brain chemistry, I think. A shrink who would want to try him on different things until something works would be great. 15 years ago I gave him some of my Wellbutrin (hey, we were young and poor) and that did NOT go well, so there may be some tweaking required.

We actually live a bit west of Portland, so westside would be excellent, anywhere from St. Helens to Hillsboro to Tigard, though Portland is also fine.

Bonus: a shrink who meets all these criteria and also accepts Regence BCBS.
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These are all in Portland, and I don't have personal therapeutic experience with them, but I know them and think they are really, really good. Not sure if they take Regence, but certainly worth checking. Also not sure if they are taking new patients, but I bet if they are not, they would be happy to recommend someone based on your needs.

Linda Toenniessen (pronounced like Lord Tennyson)
George Soule
Mary McCarthy

Dr. Toenniessen is probably your best bet for the "hippie" vibe. I wouldn't call her a hippie, exactly, but she emanates sort of an "earth mother" feeling to me. She is practical and kind.

Dr. Soule shares office space with Dr. T, and sometimes has his dog, who is small and very friendly, in the office with him. I know a couple of people he treats and they speak very highly of him.

Dr. McCarthy is very gentle and sympathetic.
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This is who I used in Portland: Odyssey Mental Health Nate Smith, and I would recommend him. I saw him for adult ADD, specifically for meds with a side of counseling, but he also specializes in anxiety and depression .
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www.pdxmentalhealth.com (cant make it clicky from my cell!) is the site for an awesome psych nurse practitioner I have been seeing for years. He can prescribe anything needed, treats depression and ADD along with a zillion other psych issues. I originally saw him for adult ADD, Bipolar disorder and Depression.
He is probably in his late 30s down to earth, friendly and doesn't pry. My appointments are never longer than 15 minutes and started out as once a month while trying new meds and now are every three months to check progress. One thing I love about him is how quickly he responds to phone calls and emails, he has literally called within minutes of hitting send late at night, weekends, when he was out to dinner somewhere. He cares.
Bonus for you is he is located in the Tanasbourne area right next to the Old Spaghetti Factory. I don't know of he takes your insurance though. He is out of network for my Aetna coverage but still very affordable. His voicemail says he is accepting new patients. Downside being he is not a psychiatrist.
Good Luck!
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