How do I stop missing all the good movies?
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Is there a tool for filing away titles of new movies I'm interested in watching and being reminded, later, when they become available online?

I hardly ever watch movies in the theater any more. So I feel like a lot of good movies make it by me -- I notice them when they're hyped initially, and then I never remember them when I would actually be able to watch them.

I would like a tool that I could put movie titles into, that would categorize them and let me manipulate the list (tags, notes, etc.) and indicate when they're available online (bonus would be to email me or otherwise nudge me).

I mostly watch movies on Netflix and Amazon; I don't want a tool that's tied to a particular service. Does anything fit some or all of these criteria?
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Set up an account on pinboard or delicious or something and bookmark the imdb pages of movies you're interested in. You can also tag them appropriately (eg "stupid action fun" vs "highbrow drama").
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I think Netflix will let you add still in theatres movies to your queue. Yup, just checked for Contaigon and it has a Save button underneath.
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Response by poster: Netflix queue does what I want it to, except that a lot of the movies I want to watch never end up on Netflix streaming (and I don't do discs).

Hmm, it looks like Amazon has a "sign up to be notified" thing. That's a little better, I guess, since they seem to have better distribution deals worked out for streaming. Still, the list is totally static, with no genre or tag information, and apparently ordered by when you said you wanted to be notified.
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I use Criticker.
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Response by poster: That looks lovely, dgeiser13. Unfortunately, it's also extremely slow and intermittent right now. Growing pains, maybe?
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This looks interesting for searching across Netflix, Amazon VOD, etc, although it seems to drop the ball on being able to add movies that are in theater for which you want to be able to be notified when they arrive on Netflix. I'll include it in case it grows to fit your needs:
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Do you have an iPhone? I just downloaded I Can't Wait a couple of days ago. It lets you know when there are new movie trailers and you can say "I Can't Wait" or "I'll Pass." I'm not sure how much more it does than that, or how specific you can get about what you want to be alerted about because I haven't spent that much time on it. But I've been looking for something similar to what you're looking for. It does have plenty of foreign and independent films, too.
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