Identifying a 90s PC game
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Trying to identify a PC game I played while I was young. I want to say it was a point and click adventure game with darkish themes. It was 2D, not isometric, and I seem to remember there being a level/levels in a silhouetted art style, and *maybe* claymation. (It's not neverhood.)

It might have been a platformer, but I'm not sure. I remember controlling a character and there being a death animation, at least.

Timeframe-wise, I'd guess somewhere in the mid to late 90s, since it'd be about when I played Dare to Dream.
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Although "silhouetted" makes me think of Out of This World/Another World or Flashback. Those are more early-to-mid 90s, though.
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It's not Heart of Darkness, is it?
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Seconding Oddworld: Abe's Odysee. That's 1997 and the first one I thought of. You die a lot.

(Dare to Dream was 1993, which predates that a lot though, and right in the middle of a golden age of adventure games.)
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The Neverhood?
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Out of This World or it's sequel.
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Darkseed merged scanned images with digitally-painted graphics; As for Claymation-style games, there was The Dark Eye, which featured voiceover work by William S. Burroughs.

Other point and click titles with stylized graphics would be 9: The Last Resort, and The Residents' interactive video releases, Gingerbread Man and Bad Day on the Midway.
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Best answer: I found it! It was Nightmare Ned:
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