Best way to remove back hair in 2011?
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Best way to remove back hair in 2011?

I've back hair and need (or, well . . . want) to remove it.

Last year I did some research into back hair removal products and came across a few that looked promising. But this is 2011 and new back hair removal products seem to be showing up on the market all the time.

In early 2010 I came across the Razorba back hair shaver, which I'm strongly considering getting, but don't know which model to get (if I get it; perhaps a MetaFilter user will recommend something superior). If I get one it'll have to support Merker razors - ">this razor in particular. Anyone know if the Razorba supports Merker razors?

Thanks. I await your responses.

*Note - waxing is out of the question. I'm single and don't live anywhere near a place that waxes.
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Hair removal / depilatory cream?
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Do you have some money to spend on this? Do the constraints that apply to waxing apply to any salon/medical office visit? If visiting a pro and spending some money aren't off limits, I think laser is hands down the best option for medium-long term hair removal from large areas.
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My husband used laser about 5 times on his and now it's pretty much all gone. It's a bit pricey but now he never has to worry about it again.
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My charming husband uses Nair For Men. It seems to work very well.
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the best way to take care of it is laser or waxing. are you sure there is nowhere close? no tanning or nail salons (they often have a waxer)? shaving it yourself i think will have spotty results and leave painful stubble (for you or any one you're snuggling up to). nair might irritate your skin, leaves a residue, smells funny, and you know that one spot on your back you can't itch? well, you probably can't nair there either...

if your options are doing it yourself or leaving it alone, i'd leave it alone (but, then again, i love hairy men).
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One more vote for waxing, for a short-term solution, or better yet laser, which is a lot cheaper over the long haul. I don't have back hair, and wouldn't manscape it even if I did, but my partner has used every hair removal option ever invented. The only two that worked well are plucking and zapping, and when you do the math it is crazy how much money a few laser sessions will save you over time compared to monthly waxing visits.

(If you had a friend willing to help, or were exceptionally flexible, I'd suggest trying an epilator, which gives you the results of waxing, for less money; some people find it too painful and others don't mind it at all, YMMV.)
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What kind of solution are you looking for, and how much do you want to spend?

The cheapest options tend to be cheap and fast, but only serve as a short term solution. Over a longer term, they might not be as cheap or effective. They are:
- Razor

Mid-term solutions are a little more expensive and generally aren't as quick to perform. You may have to schedule appointments or dedicate some time to it to get it down right. They are:
- Depilatory creams (such as Nair)
- Epilators
- Waxing

Very long term solutions are expensive, but very effective at stopping hair grown in general. They are expensive, but only in the short-term. In the long term, they could pan out to be much cheaper, plus you no longer have the chore of shaving yourself every day, or waxing yourself every other week.
- Laser hair removal
- Electrolysis

A Razorba is $30 plus the cost of a razor, but you're only getting the benefits of a very short-term solution at the cost of a mid-term solution. Is that what you want from it? You may want to evaluate how you spend your money and the benefits you get out of it. If you're going to be shaving your back for the rest of your life, it might be worth the money and effort to get it lasered instead.
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First, I wouldn't dare buy a Razorba for the simple fact it uses a blade. Have you ever tried to manipulate things behind your back in a mirror? Not easy.
I bought a Mangroomer and it works very well. I also have an epilator to hit some of the denser spots.
I will agree that if you have the money go ahead and get laser treatments. I sat through a couple of sessions on my full back and shoulders and managed to get rid of half of the hair. The price can be pretty steep for doing that much skin and let's just say it's not the most comfortable thing to sit through. Especially since the icing doesn't numb for that long. If I had sat through a couple other sessions I'm sure I wouldn't have any hair to worry about at all.
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The problems with laser hair removal is that:
1. It is costly in terms of money and time.
2. Different types of lasers have different levels of effectiveness.
3. For a given type of laser the outcome will be more expensive for some people than for others - even amongst those who have the same complexion.
4. Hence there is no clear point at which you can reliably say "now I am done".
5. For every site that offers you objective information there are 1,000 that are trying to sell you a service; there is quite a lot of hype. I would recommend the page on quackwatch.
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^ the author of the above document runs the website Hairfacts which has a lot more information.
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