Old fashioned tennis scoring or no?
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Tennis filter: Settle a bet - In your metapinion is it the older players you play with who call the score 3-4 instead of 30-40 and 5-4 instead of 15-40 or does this shortform scoring seem not to be related to the age of the player?

In my experience it's mostly the older (50+) players who do this but a friend disagrees.
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Might be the local dialect. I haven't seen either of the examples you use, but "5-40" for 15-40 is commonplace the last place I played regularly, though the under-50 players were the great majority there.
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I've known a lot of players of all ages to call "5" instead of "15" and "0" or "oh" instead of love but almost never hear anyone shortening 30 or 40.
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In my hood (San Francisco Bay Area) .. I hear 3-4 and 5-4 a lot from players who are a bit older than me (40). I also hear "Ad In" and "Ad out" at 30-40 .. or basically whenever anyone has a game point. I find that ... confusing.

I usually shorten 15 to 5, but that's it.
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Hm. We used the shortened form when I played high school tennis in the Midwest, and I'm only 34. We did it because it made us feel cool and "in-the-know".
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I tend to use the short form later in the match as I wear out.
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I'm 30ish tend to only do the "5", and almost entirely when I'm up (30-5 and 40-5). Dunno why, though.
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I'm 31 and have mostly played with people roughly my age.

Played with a gentleman in his sixties last month and heard "15" shortened to "5" for the first time in my life.

This is in Canada.
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Grew up in CA and used 5 and Ad in/out my whole life. I'm 38.
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