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Back again. In a previous question I asked about Sony 8mm videotapes in the Philadelphia area. Sadly the price for converting Sony HG120 tape, Sony 8mm MP120 tapes and Sony Video8 MP60 tapes is too expensive for the 3 or 4 tapes I have. I'd rather not pay $150 when the tapes might be mostly blank, have crap on them, or otherwise not be worth spending $120 on. Any ideas? Should I try to buy a cheap camera for these? Anybody want to lend their for a few hours?

I'm pretty sure what's on there is video of me playing sports and other assorted family clips from years gone by, but not absolutely certain that's what is there. I wish I could just afford to get them converted, but I can't afford the conversion prices ($35-$40 a tape).
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Check local pawn shops or the global pawn shop. Shouldn't have to pay more than $50.
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I agree with davey_darling that finding compatible used equipment is the way to go if you're not in a hurry. 8mm video is long obsolete. Try CraigsList, scouring thrift stores, garage sales and goodwill. It's so obsolete that pawn shops might not even be willing to handle players. If you make it known that you'll pay a modest finders fee, someone somewhere will come out of the woodwork. Realize that even if you find a machine, it may not work well. Be careful, you don't want to ruin your tapes.
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