Where can I find a reliable and trustworthy mechanic in Alexandria,VA?
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Trustworthy Auto-Repair in Alexandria

I've recently moved to Alexandria, Va and I'm having trouble with my starter. I barely know my way around the area, let alone know where I could find a fair auto-shop. If you know of any place, it would be much appreciated.

The Car:
1997 Mazda 626

My location:
A mile or so from Kingstowne Shopping Center
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I really like Huntington Auto Repair. Don's really nice and they'll call with an estimate before any work is done. They're also pretty flexible about only doing what's really needed.
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I go to Foreign Car Service which is incredibly convient if you work around in Old Town. I think it leans towards the expensive side, but the guys are nice, the work is always done on time, and they are good about doing what you want/need and pacing big work out.

I've also heard good things about Yates but have never been there myself. Right across the street from the Braddock metro.

(note: didn't realize how far Kingstowne is until I just looked at a map, so these probably aren't the closest answers you are going to get)
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Wiygul's Automotive on South Pitt Street! I've been taking my cars to them for something like 25 years now, plus they maintained both my parents' cars and one of my sister's vehicles --- never a complaint in the lot. I don't have their website on me, but the phone is 703-751-6766. (And if you want my name to say I sent you, memail me.)
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I can also recommend Foreign Car Service.
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Shucks, that's South PICKETT Street --- proofreading: a lost art.....
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OK, I've used the previously mentioned Foreign Car Service for our 97 diesel VW Jetta, and agree that it is both expensive and trustworthy.

And, Huntington Auto Repair is literally across the street from our Metro, so we often drop off our 93 Volvo Wagon there. They are fast and reliable, and won't pad your bill with fluff.

So really seconding both of those recommendations.
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Let me chime in and say that I ended up going to Huntington Auto Repair at the recommendation of a friend when Yates and Foreign Car Service gave me really (really) high estimates for a brake replacement for a 97 Jeep Cherokee (Yates was $1600, Foreign Car $1200). Huntington AR was only $600 which was far more manageable. I was also recommended to both Yates and Foreign Car, so their quality may be great... but Huntington was the better value for me.

(Also, Huntington is very close to a metro stop, which was pretty convenient.)
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My family has always used Yates - I do get the impression that they're on the expensive side, but they've always been super friendly and done good quality work.
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I had a long-standing problem that the dealer thought was somewhere in the starter-alternator loop and had several "repairs" that did not fix the problem of my car just sometimes not starting, resulting in my not being able to rely on my car with any confidence. I took it to Yates a few years ago after a recommendation from a coworker and they diagnosed it as a simple battery issue. Have not had a problem since. They are adjacent to the Metro, so that's convenient, and they are unfailingly pleasant, which goes a long way.
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