DC Management Training Resources?
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Where in DC can I find good training course series about managing a department within a non-profit?

My organization is re-organizing. Our president of the board has asked me to take over a management position previously occupied by my boss.

I am a webmaster. The new responsibilities equal something more than that. I have never worked with a budget or expenses or managed employees. My current boss says I need to provide the board a list of 'continuing education' type training courses that I can take in DC to learn about the sorts of things for which I will soon be responsible -- budgeting, expenses, managing people, and Internet marketing, if possible.

I suggested that I take an Adwords Seminar. My boss suggested that I gather a list of seminars that rolls into the future and covers broader topics. Whether this is real advice to prepare me for a promotion or a test of my value, I am not sure. Maybe it's both. These are uncertain times.
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Sadly, I don't have any courses to suggest, but it sounds like your boss is giving you good advice.

Transitioning to a management role is difficult - especially supervising people and managing budgets. It woulds like the more "business management" type courses would be more useful to you than a purely technical course in your area.
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I don't have specific classes to suggest, but I have taken classes and can vouch for the general quality of both the Graduate School (used to be part of the USDA) and the American Management Association, if you're looking for a starting point.
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For the managing people part of your new job, I highly recommend Ken Blanchard's Situational Leadership II. We use it for all our new managers and have been very happy with the program. Looks like there's a session in DC coming up on October 3 & 4.
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Center for Non-Profit Advancement
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If your non-profit is arts related, check out the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center. They have an upcoming weekend intensive in October.
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This is an important career transition for you. Like Coffeespoons, I cannot offer a specific course, but I would recommend you supplement whatever courses you find with additional reading. I would suggest Michael Watkins book Your Next Move. Start with the introduction and then whatever chapters are most relevant to your situation, probably 1 and 2.
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