Help me ID this crappy movie
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Please help me find what is probably A) an obscure 70s-80s made-for-TV alien/zombie movie and B) not worth watching in entirety, ever?

When I was a kid I caught a tiny bit of a (likely horrible) alien invasion or zombie movie on TV before my mom caught me and the tube was turned off. The facts, ladies and gentlemen, are these:

1 - the aliens/zombies had super scary mind powers. Not only could they control what people thought/did, they were telekinetic. This was demonstrated by one character trying to escape via apt bldg elevator, only to have the A/Z mentally bring the elevator back. Luckily the character had a gun in her purse, which brings us to

2 - The A/Z proved susceptible to gunfire, and died with much spraying of green blood.

3 - The clothing looked anywhere from 60s-80s. I remember lots of frilly blouses and skirts and big purses. (To hide guns in?) But I didn't catch enough to see cars or anything really era-identifying.

4 - The A/Z did not or could not speak. They stared menacingly. Other than that, they looked like just-folks people. Well, 80s just-folks, I guess.

This would have been from 1980-1989, I'm thinking. We lived in rural Minnesota and got a whopping four channels. (Five if it was a clear night.) It may have been a made-for-TV movie or a feature, I'm not sure. It was aired during the day. I recognize that this is almost nothing to go on (I've searched), and whatever it is, the movie is probably completely crappy, but that stupid elevator scene gave 5/9-year-old-me nightmares for weeks. Help a nostalgic masochist out?

tl;dr: Alien/zombie attacks, they have telekinesis, when you shoot them they die with sprays of green blood. Most remembered scene: lady tries to escape in an elevator, and the alien/zombie mind-controls the elevator to return, whereupon lady shoots alien/zombie.
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Damn. I think I found it, and yes, it IS crappy:

Strange Invaders

Link to Siskel/Ebert skewering

Sorry to waste AskMe space!
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