How to display Google Earth History?
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How can I get 3 months of my Google Latitude History to show on a map?

It seems like this should be easy. I had a busy summer, I have Google Latitude enabled on my Android phone, I want to generate a map showing where I have been. It needn't be interactive and it does not have to have every single point. How do I do this? The only option I see is to export each individual day as a KML file, which sounds tedious. Thanks.
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You can export a range of dates to KML, by following the instructions here.
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Response by poster: No go--I can highlight multiple dates on the calendar but when I export it exports only the history for the first date.
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Best answer: I can't get date selection to work either, so I think that Google Data Liberation page is out of date.

But note that if you mouseover the "Export to KML" link, it looks something like The easiest thing to do is probably

1. select the start date in the calendar gadget, write down the startTime in the export URL for that day.

2. Select the end date in the calendar gadget, write down the endTime from the export URL.

3. Navigate to start time&endTime=your end time to get the KML for the entire range.

Alternately, the startTime and endTime arguments look like unix epoch times, which you can convert to/from readable dates using
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Response by poster: A Wiseman indeed--worked like a charm!
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