Analog clock display on Mac OS X.6.4 Question
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Did Apple remove the floating analog clock feature in OSX.6?

I want my computer's clock to display as an analog floating window. I can have it as analog in the toolbar, but that is hard to see. I went into preferences, but there is no "display as window" box to check like I think I remember there being. Did they change this or am I missing something?
I have an iMac running OS X.6.4
Am I going to have to forgo the friendly little guy I have had on my desktop since 1992? That would make me kind of sad.
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It appears that this feature was removed in 10.5, but you can get it back if you happen to still have a computer running Tiger. You could also try Amnesty widget browser to display arbitrary dashboard widgets (yeah yeah I know) in floating form on your desktop.
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I am not on a good connection (it wavers and is really slow) to really browse, so couldn't google it myself. Thanks!
I have the old hard drive from my OS X.3.9 so I will try that with the instructions and see what happens.
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Note also that it is Power PC application. It will run under Rosetta in 10.6 but if/when you upgrade to 10.7, it won't be runnable.
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