My monitor shifts position every time it loses signal or shuts off.
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I have a Dell E248WFP monitor. Every time it loses signal (IE turning off/on the computer), the entire screen will move about 1/8" down and to the right. This problem has been replicated with different computers and DVI cables. This problem is easily remedied by opening up the monitor options on the monitor itself and telling it to reset to factory default settings for "Position Only." Turn the monitor off, and I have to reset position all over again. I am at 1920x1200 resolution. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I will be online all day working so I will be available to provide any additional information, should it be requested. Thank you.
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Call Dell, this is a perfect support question that they'll likely have a 2sec answer for. They'll probably want to know what operating system you're using, in case it's something outside of the monitor that is causing the change.
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Out of warranty, unfortunately. If I have to call I will, but I was hoping that someone had an answer here... and honestly I have never had Dell answer something in 2 seconds... usually they have no idea what they are doing and if the program they are using doesn't know... they don't know.

Using Windows7 on both boxes, btw.
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sounds like a driver issue...have you at least checked their website to see if there's a new driver?
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Only one driver was ever released for this: v.A00 back in 2007. I have that driver installed.

Also, I should add that this is a NEW problem. I have had this monitor for several years and it only popped up a couple of months ago.

I will try re installing the driver from the CD.
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Reinstalled driver, no change.
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The fact that it happens on different computers and with different DVI cables and that the time it started happening did not correspond to any change in what was feeding it means that this is definitely a monitor issue, not a computer issue.

Doing a complete factory reset ought to fix any issue caused by children or pets pressing monitor configuration buttons at random. Beyond that, you're probably looking for Dell servicing.
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before going through that hassle, see if you can't borrow a different monitor to see if it happens there first...if it does, you'll know if it's a windows/software issue for sure...
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