Trustworthy financial planner?
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Can anyone recommend a trustworthy, reasonable financial planner in the Twin Cities area?

We are looking for a financial planner, but are having a hard time deciding. We have looked at all the big names, but think we are missing out on the independent financial planners. There are load of sites listing questions to ask a planner but those questions seem quite general. Does anyone have any personal recommendations, or specific advice on what to look for?
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After an experience with a scammy FP -- recommended by a friend -- I searched the other AskMe threads on this, and it seems that this is one of those situations where it's best to just do the research and planning yourself, if you're able.

I ended up going with Motley Fool's $200/year membership, which includes a financial planner help line. You can call with any questions, no matter how detailed or trivial. This has been a great solution for me, especially considering how much my few meetings with a financial planner cost me.

You can also email them or post on the question board if you need to present a lot of numbers to them.
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No personal experience, but you'll want to look at the website/old issues of Checkbook Magazine, a non-profit publication/organization that rates local services in the Twin Cities. It's really awesome.

(There are also versions for Puget Sound, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, DC, and the Delaware Valley.)
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Thanks - I will check both out!
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Try Compass Capital Management or Vector Financial.

They may refer you to someone else (depending on your assets and specific needs), but I can vouch for the competency and ethics of both firms.
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