Ancient Egyptian Underworld and Afterlife in Film
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I'm looking for movies with scenes involving the ancient Egyptian underworld/afterlife.

I'm interested to see movies with scenes that either have something to do with the actual legends of the ancient Egyptian afterlife (Duat) such as the weighing of the heart ritual, or the treatment of souls after they die, or even Ra's nightly passage through the underworld/battle with the serpent Apep.

I've seen "The Mummy" and I'm less interested in horror movies that are primarily about regenerated dead people coming back to stalk living people on earth. I'm more interested in movies that show scenes of the gods (Ra, Osirus, Horus, etc) interacting within the underworld and especially movies that have scenes depicting the soul's journey after death, from an ancient Egyptian's perspective.

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Best answer: Don't Eat The Pictures
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Best answer: Stargate
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There's a G.I. Joe episode that dealt with a trip to Duat and the weighing of hearts. Wikipedia says it was called "The Gods Below"
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Best answer: Immortal.
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This episode of "Samurai Jack".
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Not sure if it counts, but: Night at the Museum 2.
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Young Sherlock Holmes?
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