Romantic bars in Chicago?
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Anyone know of a romantic bar in Chicago to go for after-dinner drinks on a Friday night?

My SO and I are going to dinner next Friday, and I want to take him for a drink or two afterwards. I like lounge-y places with really low lighting, and small tables--or little sofas-- to allow footsies or hand-holding. It doesn't have to be empty or whisper-quiet, I just want us to be able to create our own little world and not have to yell to be heard.

We usually go to friendly neighborhood bars or gastropubs, so I'm really out of the loop when it comes to places like what I've described. I want to do something a bit different because next week we're reuniting after spending three months apart while he worked overseas.

We're having dinner in Lakeview, and then eventually returning to Rogers Park. Anyplace that's either between or accessible to those two 'hoods (via CTA or a short taxi trip) would be great, but I'm okay with going out of the way for a strong recommendation.

Thanks for your help!
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Best answer: Curio - literally underground speakeasy in the basement of Gilt Bar, super cozy and dark with little low tables and couches and armchairs, good mood-setting music that they keep at a level so that you're not listening to everyone else's conversation but you can hear the person next to you, they make an amazing last word, strong recommendation

Drawing Room - amazing cocktails, not quite as cozy as Curio but an old favorite

Violet Hour - this is kind of a "no shit" recommendation but it's off the Blue Line so it's totally out of your way
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Seconding Violet Hour. Out of your way, but worth it.
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Drawing Room - amazing cocktails, not quite as cozy as Curio but an old favorite

Seconding this place. The cocktails are outstanding and unique. You might also take a look at Pops if you feel like a bit of bubbly.
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Truly miss Chicago (although I'm only two hours away)..wish I could come and be your third wheel.

My favorite spot will always be Weegee's Lounge. Again, this one's out of your way, and not in the greatest part of the city, but it's seriously chill. The place has a '20's vibe, and a shuffleboard table. Also, dreamy cocktails complement the pitch-perfect early jazz music vibe, and late-arriving crowd.
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Response by poster: Aw, obscurator--you're totally welcome to be our third wheel if you make it into the city! I thought of Weegee's--we LOVE that bar! But, it might be too far out of our way.

Thanks for all the suggestions, guys! I knew Violet Hour fit my description and I keep meaning to go there, but I'm discouraged by what I hear of lines and crowds on the weekends.

I'm going to strongly consider Curio and the Drawing Room cuz they sound great. Thanks, again!
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Response by poster: Oh, and some friends of mine used to play jazz at Pops. I can't believe I forgot about it. It's going on my shortlist!
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It might not work because of location, but it's worth it to watch a sunset while sipping drinks in the signature room at the Hancock Center. If not this time, plan to do it eventually.
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Too little too late, but the California Clipper (great booths!) and the Matchbox (ambiance!) have both fulfilled these requirements for me in the past.
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