I want chocolates from a specific shop in Paris delivered to the US: please help me figure out how to do it.
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I want to order from a chocolate shop in Paris, Jacques Genin, and have it shipped to the United States. But, Jacques Genin doesn't seem to even have a website, let alone online ordering. Is there a service I can use to buy and ship the products for me?

It's probably possible that I could buy the products over the phone and ask to have them packed, and then have FedEx or someone pick up and ship them. But I am worried that won't work. The people at Jacques Genin don't speak much English and my French is even worse, so I worry about miscommunications and botching (and irritation and spoilage).

Really, what I am hoping is that there's an international service --maybe crowd-sourced, maybe involving bidding-- that connects people who are willing to do small tasks for a fee, with people who need to get something done. Sort of a Mechanical Turk meets Airbnb type thing.

But I am not fixed on that kind of solution. I'll be happy with any service that will pick up, pack and ship. Ideally I would deal only with one party, but I'd be okay to deal separately with JG and the shipper if I had to.

(I have friends who could do this, but I don't want it to be a favour since I might want to do it multiple times for multiple addresses. (Yes, the chocolates are really good!) I am hoping for a paid solution.)
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I know this doesn't answer your primary question, but I was at Jacques Genin earlier this year and found the gentleman there to have excellent English. He was also very helpful and excited that I was bringing their caramels home to the States. Maybe it's worth trying to call or email first before you go another route?

Email: chocolaterie@jacquesgenin.net (Hmm... maybe this won't work. Looks like the domain may have been taken over.)
Tél (33-1) 45-77-29-01

Forgive me if you've already done this and didn't have good luck! Their stuff really is worth any effort it takes!
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