Searching for the best Chinese noodle dishes in Montreal
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Can anyone offer advice on where to find quality noodle-based Chinese food in Montreal? I'm craving a good beef chow fan or some Shanghai noodles. I'm tried a few places in Chinatown, but haven't found anything good. I'm also looking for a good BBQ pork and tofu dish & a Vietnamese place with good lemongrass chicken. However, noodles are the priority here. BTW, if you are in Edmonton you can't do better than the Double Greeting Wonton House for noodles. It's a bit of a dive, but it's cheap and the food is fantastic.
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You should try emailing one of the food editors at one of the weekly alternative papers. They always know that kind of thing. Also, you probably want to tell them you want authentic.
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I would recommend posting your question on the Chowhound Montreal message board here. I have received many good (and a few bad) recommendations there.
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Also check out Blork does tons of Montreal food stuff. He's great.
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I don't know Montreal, but the rule of thumb in North America is that restaurants in the old Chinatowns generally suck. These are the places that have "chop suey" on the menu and include fortune cookies with the bill...i.e. white man's chinese food. If you want good Chinese food, go to the huge Asian malls in the suburbs that are frequented by wealthy immigrants.
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Really? In Boston and NYC chinatowns, there are certainly plenty of authentic places. The suburban malls present an easier-to-get-to-and-park-at alternative, but the old downtown immigrant centers aren't exactly hotbeds of fake Chinese food. Is this the case on the west coast?
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