How can I get podcasts to play at a normal speed?
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Why does audio downloaded on my iPad play slowly?

I have an iPad (first generation). I have used iTunes on it to download some podcasts and an audio book. When I go into the iPod app to play these files, they play at a slower speed than they should, leaving the voices sounding warped. The files are from various different podcasts, none even from the same producers.

I am traveling at the moment and away from my computer, so I can't sync the files back to the computer to test them.

Why would this be happening and can you think of anything that I can do to get the podcasts to play at a normal speed?
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Best answer: Not sure if the setup is the same as the iPad, but on my iPhone if you click in the center of the screen when the podcast is playing a little box will appear in the top quarter of the screen that shows a time bar and below it three buttons. The first two are a 'replay after completion' button and a 'rewind 30 seconds' button - ignore those. The one on the far rights that looks like a square white rectangle is the one you want. I'm betting it's set to 1/2X which is half normal speed playback. Hit it once to bring it to normal speed (and yet again if you want to double speed.) Hopefully this is all that the problem is.
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Best answer: In this image, the speed of the playback is toggled via the small blue box in the top right corner (2x).
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Response by poster: Thank you both, that has fixed it. I had no idea that half speed was an option.
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Quite a lot of weird computer behavior is down to options that (a) you had no idea were there and (b) can get activated by hidden controls or hot keys. When confronted with something like this, it can be useful to ask "could this bizarre behavior possibly be of use to somebody somewhere?" and if it could, go searching through menus and buttons until you find one that controls it.
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For example, I just had a friend ring me yesterday saying that her cat had jumped on her keyboard and now her screen appeared to have gone into portrait mode. She was quite surprised to find that display rotation is actually a feature of Intel graphics drivers and even more surprised to find that it has hotkeys assigned to it by default.
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