Going Dancing in Toronto.
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So it turns out that Guvernment in Toronto has an ultra expensive cover charge for Labour Day. Are there any other clubs/venues of similar size and type?

Also: If there are no similar clubs, where would you go dancing in Downtown Toronto on a Saturday Night?
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Next Friday, I am going to see The Elastocitizens!
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Ugh guvernment on labour day is full of froshys anyway. Top 100 really is not my scene but I might suggest Tonic (if it's still open). Update with your music preference.
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The Docks? Nothing else is really as gigantic as those two clubs. That said, if you are in fact 32, why would you want to go to the Government? You'd probably be a way older than everyone else there. Basically all the clubs between Richmond and Adelaide are between University and Spadina cater to the same crowd, so you could always just head out there. I haven't been clubbing in a while so I don't know where the cool kids go. You could also check out places on King West, which are basically like the clubs on Richmond/Adelaide but for people who are too old to still go there. There are also places on Ossington, like Levac Bloc.
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