Jazzy found-footage music videos on public access?
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I'm trying to identify four short found-footage video collages (or their maker) that I saw on public access last night, each with jazzy music, rhythmic editing and a clearly defined theme. This is a bit of a long-shot...

These videos were on Comcast basic cable channel 27 for Beaverton, Oregon last night a bit before midnight. The internet has told me this is the Tualatin Valley Community TV channel used for "educational programming" provided by Portland Community College, but neither organization seems to have any listings of the actual content.

They were four videos, each ~5 minutes long, of mostly black and white public domain footage edited around an instrumental track. Each had a theme; I saw one for [roughly]: optics/perception, life (especially animal), communication (mostly shots of people and phones from the mid-20th-century), and cars (mostly mid-century again, with a strong "cars of the future" slant). The music ranged from propulsive fusion-y/bop-y jazz (made me think of Weather Report, despite having never heard their music) to a more post-rock sound in the cars-segment (still fusion-y and propulsive, reminded me a bit of Tortoise, or Unwound's "Go to Dallas and Take a Left").

Any guesses of who the artist behind these are? The channel was also showing student work earlier in the evening, but these really had the feel of someone that had been working in foot-footage video collage for a while. Unfortunately, the titles at the end were cut off on my non-wide-screen tv.

Short of guesses of the director, if anyone knows the contact info for whoever at PCC that would know what programming they broadcast, that would be awesome. Their website was no help.

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The most obvious answer to found-footage video collages organized around music is Bruce Conner, but I have no idea if that's what you saw.
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I don't thinking it's Conner, but thanks for mentioning him; it's a good lead. I'm not finding much of Conner's later work on the web, but I get the feeling that what I watched was either heavily inspired by him or was a pretty direct homage to his work. The feel is very similar.
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I found a phone number at the bottom of the PCC summer term TV cable schedule (via): Programming & Schedule Information: 503-977-4655
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