Do you know of a good sex therapist in NYC?
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Looking for a hard working sex therapist in NYC, skilled with anorgasmia

A good friend has had trouble achieving orgasms, and she approached these guys:, who immediately tried to push testosterone therapy on her, to her dismay. My friend thinks there may be psychological roots to her issues, and does not have trouble becoming aroused. Therefore, she's not impressed with the immediate jump to medication.

My question: do you know of a good sex therapist in NYC who would be willing to do the talk-therapy/mechanical work before jumping to meds? Feel free to message me any information if you don't want to post.
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You could suggest working one-on-one with Betty Dodson.
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I'm curious, did they test her hormone levels?
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Here's the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists' "locate a professional" listing for New York state.

(AASECT is the major US professional organization for sex therapists.)
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