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Please tell me(a spreadsheet noob) if I can convert rows from a google spread sheet into individual google docs.

I have a reading survey I want to give to all the students at our school. We have done these in the past, but the survey was photocopied and students filled out the survey by hand. The survey was then photocopied again and handed out to relevant staff (librarian, tutors etc) I want to take the survey and make a google form- I like the idea of a spread sheet for data collection over many years and the idea that the information can be accessed by anyone(who is given permission) at anytime. However we also want to be able to look at each kid's survey individually and also print out individual surveys. So tl:dr is there a way to take each individual row from the spreadsheet that is populated by the google form and make individual documents? Is there an easy ways to accomplish this task?
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A mail merge might do it. You could try this: There is also a Google Spreadsheets API and using that you certainly could generate individual reports in several different ways. You would need someone to program it, though.
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This is perhaps going after a mosquito with a hand grenade, but I used to do this sort of thing with FileMaker, which can import a spreadsheet and easily ("accessible to non-programmers") let you arrange a text or printed version of each row as a page or separate records. I have not checked in on FileMaker in a few years, so it's likely that there is a better solution now, perhaps the FileMaker sibling Bento. I don't know of a way within google products alone, but that doesn't mean at all that there isn't a way.
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I ended up using microsoft word and doing a mail merge. Hopefully someday in the near future google will add a merge feature.
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