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Fun way to elope in BC?

We want to elope but we want to do something silly or quirky. We were thinking of going to Vegas and getting married by Elvis but that probably won't work out this year. The thought of a romantic elopement kind of makes us cringe. We live in Vancouver, is there anything you can think of that is close-ish to Vancouver that we could do?
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I'll marry you in DC.
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Do you guys ski? Find someone licensed to marry people who can also ski, get dressed up in all your finery, and go to Whistler or something. It'll be an eslopement.

Thanks, folks, I'll be here all week.
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Best answer: On a little boat in the pacific?
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I don't know how far from Vancouver you're willing to travel, but a Barkerville wedding could be quirky and fun.

You'd get married at St. Saviour's Church; your wedding cake could come from Goldfield Bakery (their baked goods are delicious); that evening, you could stay at the St. George Hotel.

You could either do it in summer or in winter; in winter you could even go on a sleigh ride after the ceremony.
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Could the captain of a ferry marry you? Then you have a nice day together on one of the islands...
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Response by poster: Update: We are going to get married on one of the False Creek Ferries on English Bay!
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How romantic! Best wishes for the upcoming nuptials!
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