I'm in need of a new carry-on bag, and don't like rollers (too big/bulky).
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I'm in need of a new carry-on bag, and don't like rollers (too big/bulky). I'm in love with this Rapha bag, but not so in love with the price tag. Google has come up rather dry. Does anyone know manufacturers/sellers of similarly retro-themed bags?
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It's difficult to answer this question, because you haven't really specified what you desire. That Ralpha bag is lovely indeed, but you don't mention what you want in a bag, other than "no wheels" and "less expensive".

The site OneBag has some recommendations (in Canadian English) for carry on bags without wheels at much less dear prices.

Retro is, unfortunately, expensive. Have you searched charity shops for actual old luggage?

Good luck
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I don't know if they're 'retro' but check out Overland Equipment.
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It's slightly smaller, but what about this Basil bag?
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The CountyComm bail out bag or the bail out bag XL are solidly built.
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If you mean "carry on" as in carry on a plane, train, bus, and you will have any other baggage (or not) then I strongly suggest something that works as a backpack. In fact my carry on bag IS a back pack. Wait until you unpack to be flashy. (I'm never flashy, so maybe I'm not one to talk).

But think of all the stuff you do in a terminal or station, and think how much nicer it would be if the carry-on were on your back.
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@blob: I'm drawn to the 60s sensibility of that particular bag along with its size and lack of wheels. So I guess I'm looking for something similar design-wise.

@mbarryf: I've done the backpack thing, and it's just terrible for me. I always end up with a sweaty back :/
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