I need fun/embarrassing/unique "How well do you know your groom?" party questions!
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I need fun/embarrassing/unique "How well do you know your groom?" party questions!

So one of my best gals is getting married soon and we're throwing her a getaway bachelorette weekend. One of the games I'd like to offer to the group is one where we ask her intended a set of questions about himself, her, or their relationship/courtship in advance of the party and she if she can guess his answers for our entertainment. I've got some good, boring questions about what he likes to eat and other mundane trivia, but I'm hoping the cheeky folks of AskMe can do better than I.

Bonus points if you can suggest any awesome consequences for wrong answers from our beloved bride-to-be.

I love you, AskMe!
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On which side does his penis hang?

Given a free pass to sleep with any celebrity who would he choose?

Given a free pass to sleep with any celebrity who would she choose?

Does he know what color her eyes are?

What are his top three guilty pleasures?

What are her top three guilty pleasures?

How much does she weigh? (only if you're feeling vicious)
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Beatles or Elvis?
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This might be helpful (.pdf)
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What's the most number of girls he dated at one time?
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For consequences: when we played this game at my bridal shower, for every correct answer, I got a Hershey's Kiss, to be banked later. For every wrong answer, I got a piece of bubble gum which I had to begin chewing immediately. Pretty soon I had like six pieces of gum in my mouth, which made the entire game funnier for everyone.

They let me spit my gum out halfway through, though, because I nailed one of the questions extremely specifically. ("Where in the world would he most like to visit?" The answer was "Everywhere! But if he had to pick one, it would be Macchu Picchu." Apparently that was exactly his answer, word for word, so they let me start over with the gum out of appreciation.)
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Mine are a bit tamer than some suggestions, but more along the how-well-do-you-know-random-mundane-details-about-him. Some are less generic than others. Sounds fun!

What's his favorite board game?
What's his least-favorite word?
Who is his favorite sibling? (If he has no siblings or if some of the slighted siblings are in attendance, favorite aunt/uncle?)
What was his childhood nickname?
Where did his name come from?
Who does he take after, mom or dad?
The stupidest thing he did as a teenager?
Who was his high school crush/sweetheart? (Obviously only works if the bride-to-be isn't that person.)
Who was his favorite teacher?
Least favorite subject in school?
Most mortifying moment?
What's his credit score?
How old was he when he got his first cell phone?
What was his first AIM/chatroom screen name?
Cake or ice cream?
Who said "I Love You" first, and what were the circumstances?
If he could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
If he could live in just one city forever, what city would it be?
What's his dream house style?
How many children does he want?
Has he ever broken the law? If so, under what circumstances?
Who was the first woman he saw naked?
What is his biggest fear? (OR ask him what HER biggest fear is?)
What former president would he want to meet for lunch?
Which news channel would he rather watch in the waiting room?
He won $1 million. What's the first thing he buys/spends it on?

I can probably think of more, but that's a good start. Sounds fun!
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How many women has he slept with? How many men?
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I had these questions asked at a bar to random strangers (inc me) to be compared to the accuracy of answers by the groom/bride.

What was the last book your SO read?.

Whats "your song"? All hell broke loose with this one.

Whats your "real" anniversary? Hell etc again.

When did you really know (he/she was the proverbial ONE)? Name the time/place.
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First names of his grandparents? I mean I don't even know that about my husband and we've been married 6 years. Shameful! Granted they have all passed on, but still!

What is his favorite superhero?

Name of his first girlfriend/first person he kissed/first sexual partner?

Location of their first kiss, first time said I love you, their first sexual encounter with each other?

And the gum chewing thing mentioned earlier was hilarious at a recent shower I attended. We had no mercy and she was rarely correct....she looked so funny with a mouth so full of bubble gum she could barely talk!

When the game started I didn't think it'd be that fun, but the gum chewing thing was way funnier than I expected.
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Betty or Veronica?
Ginger or MaryAnne?
Lassie or Flipper?
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Where is his most sensitive spot? (extra entertainment ensues if one of them thinks of this sexually and the other thinks of it in a ticklish way.)
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I did this for a friend, and the groom himself came up with a couple of good ones.

I also asked:
Her favorite dish that he makes? (He's a great cook.)
What city he would most like to move to?
The one thing in her apartment he would love to get rid of?
The one thing in his apartment he thinks she would like to get rid of?
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Silk, Lace, or Leather?
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Anteater or Helmet? Not a difficult question, it just sounds funny!
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I'd be pretty careful with some of the more sexually explicit questions if I were you. You want them still to be on speaking terms - and actually still engaged - at the end of the party.
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My bridesmaids did this for me at a shower last weekend! They had actually recorded video of my fiance's responses and burned it onto a dvd somehow, so we could all watch what he said after I gave my answer. It was pretty entertaining.

Questions that brought more hilarity and/or "awww"s than the rest (sorry for the clunky phrasing):
- What is the groom's favorite physical feature about the bride?
- What does the groom think is the bride's favorite physical feature on him?
- What is the groom's guilty pleasure?
- What does the groom think is the bride's guilty pleasure?
- What did you do on your first date?
- What habit of the groom's is most annoying to the bride?
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