Help me modernize my kitchen lighting!
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How can I turn basic old track lighting into pendant lighting? [photos inside]

I have old track lighting in my kitchen. See photos here and here.

I'd like to update it with pendant lighting but I'm not sure how to go about it. (FWIW, I live in a rental apartment in NYC.)

I know that different tracks have different electrical setups. I'm wondering if this is something I can do myself (putting together Ikea furniture is about as technically sophisticated as I get), or what expertise I should seek out in order to make this happen.
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Take one of the existing lights off and take it to a hardware store or lighting store, and see if they have a system that matches with pendant hangings. Then all you need to pick/buy are the globes.
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The tracks you have look like Hamilton Beach brand generics that you can get at Home Depot.
The nice thing is that you don't have to remove the tracks. If you go to HD or a store that deals in Hamilton Beach products, they will have tons of pendant lamps that you can choose from that will fit in/mount from the tracks.
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Sorry, I messed up. Hampton Bay. Not Hamilton Beach.
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Yes, you should be able to interchange tracks and pendants--the tracks I used in my library can handle both.
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Just be sure the "pins" on the existing lights match the new ones. I had a really old track system - the new lights didn't quite match up.

Also don't put too many new lights on so you don't overload unit.

FYI the fixtures that connect with lever action can be balky so pliers can be handy.
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i've worked with a TON of track lighting for display purposes...contrary to most popular advice...if it doesn't seem to fit, FORCE it. (why god why do they make those things so hard to get into the track?)
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