Hotmail Read Receipts?
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Does Hotmail have read receipts?

I've used read receipts in Outlook for work, but I use Gmail for my personal account. From what GoogleFu has told me, Hotmail did not have read receipts as late as 2009. However, the latest answers are two years old so I don't know how current it is.

Also, Hotmails main website doesn't make a mention if it, but I don't really expect this to be a feature that would be bragged about.

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As of August 17 of this year, according to the Hotmail forums (replied to by staff), no.
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Thanks so much, Jess. My fiance and I have a situation where we might lose our deposit for our wedding flowers, and this is pretty critical.

You're the best!
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Also from their forums (from August last year):
If you are accessing your account through Hotmail website , the read receipt option is not available.

You can use a webmail client to use this feature.

In Windows Live Mail, when composing a new message, go to "Tools" > "Request read receipt."

You can download Windows Live Mail from

Note: Read receipt feature will only work if the recipient responds to the read receipt request.
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Yeah I would just like to point out that for read receipts to work it has to work on both sides -- both sender and receiver -- so if the person reading the email is using Gmail or whatever it doesn't matter what you use to send it.
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Thanks so much, everyone. Very helpful. As usual.
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