What early 2000's minimalist "music"-making flash website did I used to visit?
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What early 2000's minimalist "music"-making flash website did I used to visit?

I recall using this website a lot, for nothing more than my own amusement. It was basically a grid of black dots, and when you moused over a dot it became larger and made what is now referred to as "wompy" dubsteppy tone. Of course, each dot on the grid made a different tone so could sit there all day mousing over dots and making incidental music. It wasn't just one page, there were lots of layout variations.

Anyway, this was back in the days of tower computers and CRT's so you may need to rack your brains, people. I can remember this website had an early Warp Records/Autechre aesthetic..if that rings any bells.
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Is it this thing?
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Awesome, but no. This reminds me a lot of tehn.

No clicking was required on the site in question.
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Probably not it, but your description reminded me of Phong.
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Also, Yenz. I wasted many hours on those two sites back in the day; especially on yenz playing The Secret Garden.
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The band Air used to have a site that did just this, and it was black dots on red background. They changed it in about 2005 and I was devastated because it was so addicting and futuristic. Could it have been that?
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The thing about this site was that it completely lacked attribution, and details were hard to come by. Therein lied the beauty (and why I can't remember the URL/name); nothing was being sold or touted as cool, it was just nascent Flash goodness.

On the upside, all of your answers have made me insanely impatient as I await the arrival of my new MacBook tomorrow! (hopefully)

really hard to enjoy these types of sites at work
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I remember this site quite well but I cannot remember its URL either. Had to be around 1999 or 2000.

Was it The Void?
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