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Help us find the best roasted, salted peanuts in the shell available in the U.S.

About five years ago, at our local midwest Meijer grocery, we happened upon a large, metal tin of these. I don't typically enjoy them but these were incredible. For DH they were ambrosia. The tin was red, white, and blue and there may have been a baseball theme or reference in the graphics or words. Naturally they've not appeared again, and the Meijer staff can't figure it out with the distributor. If we can't find these, we'll need other recs. We just received an order from and I'm afraid they don't come close. Probably the ones we found jus happened to be very fresh. If so, how can we approximate this in Michigan?
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Well, you MeFi mail is disabled. I know a small producer who does this and sells retail at Farmer's Market's in the LA area - but I don't know their name. I can post this and their contact info on Saturday.

I liked the plain salt flavor best, but the garlic was good, too.

It's a revelation when you find these, I agree! I was blown away 2 weeks ago when I tried them from my guys, and I am a peanut freak.
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I'm a big fan of CB's Nuts, which are local to me but available from their web site as well. They have a tin, if that's something you're particularly looking for.

What was it about the good ones that you liked, that was missing from the nutsonline ones?
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Maybe the ones you had were particularly crisp? That's the style of most Virginia peanuts, such as you'd find here or here. I grew up eating this type of peanut in, natch, Virginia. In my opinion they taste very different from other peanuts, but I don't know what it is that makes them different.
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Response by poster: Hades, the ones we stumbled upon were very large and fresh. The shells were intact and yet tender, easy to break with your fingers. The Nuts.Online were just a little smaller and older. The shells were not so intact and the meat was for the most part darker. Customer Service was wonderful today, though.
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