Windows Media Encoder Screen Capture Problem
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I'm trying to use Windows Media Encoder to capture a video of my computer screen. Everything is fine, but the resulting movie plays back split down the diagonal of the screen. Its hard to describe, so here is a sample.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? I've tried turning off hardware acceleration but that didn't have any effect. The product has a zillion different switches and knobs I could turn but I don't really know which ones to start with.
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I don't quite understand what you're describing--the video looks fine to me.
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This is what I see.
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(Oh, and the free image hosting site I used for the above pics has some NSFW ads, FYI)
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Yeah... so I notice...
Same here; can't tell what the problem is
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Response by poster: After seeing the the above two responses I doubled checked the video in Windows Media Player directly (I had been using WinAmp before). You are right, it plays fine in Windows Media Player. So I guess I amend my question on why it doesn't play correctly in WinAmp ( I always thought WinAmp was just embedding Windows Media Player into its own GUI but apparently that isn't the case...sorry for any confusion).
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No, the sites probably scour your cookies files (Yahoo, Metafilter, etc.) to look for ZIP codes. "Look, all these wonderful, hot, sex-crazed people are in my area just waiting for me!" (Please insert quarter).
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It's guessing from the IP address. And lying, or those sexed up folks have clones in MN and Mass.

I couldn't get the video to play at all... (mplayer on linux).
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Civil_Disobedient: risking a verge into offtopicness, that's not how cookies work at all. It's the IP address.
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Sorry, nmiell, I thought sites could spoof sources to get cookies, but apparently IP addresses are the method, as you say.
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