Building a face hole board
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How do I build a wooden stand-up face-in-the-hole board thing?

Something like this. Where people stick their heads through for a funny photo.

I don't even know what these things are technically called. Face-in-the-hole? Carnival cutout? Face hole board?

I'm planning on using a plywood sheet for the face of it. This thing has to stand outdoors for several days, and withstand a certain amount of abuse and weather, so any options made of cardboard or foamboard are out of the question.

Painting the image is easy. Cutting out the holes for faces is no problem. But I need some advice or instructions or plans on how to build a proper support behind the board, so that it stands on its own and doesn't easily topple over and kill someone. Bonus points if the supports can fold down or detach for easier transport. Also, in addition to any lumber support, do I need sandbags or something else to weigh the whole thing down?

I have at my disposal a power drill, a jigsaw, a circular saw, all my fingers (for the time being), and half my wits. Thanks for any advice you can give!

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Do this twice:

2 2x4's at a right angle with a third at a 45 degree angle going from the top of the vertical 2x4 to the end of the horizontal 2x4.

You can bevel the ends of all boards so they fit together nicely if you would like.

Connect the vertical 2x4 to the back of the plywood with screws. To reinforce it, you could connect both sections with horizontal 2x4's at the top and bottom.
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What TheBones said, but then to keep it from toppling, if someone pushes into it, just lay a few hundred lb of sandbags on the bottom supports.
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Please, please, please, on behalf of necks everywhere, either sand the face opening or line it with tape or foam. I volunteered at a school carnival once and spent a lot of time tweezering splinters out of children's faces.
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Want to optimize for not falling over? Sink two 4x4 posts into the ground and screw the plywood sheet to them. Feel lazier? Screw/nail 2x4 posts with a leveled end (think tent stake) to the plywood and push them into the ground to start, then pound with a hammer/sledge.

Compared with a trust and weights, this will be faster and likely to be drunk/weather resistant.
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