Alternative to Newegg to buy 16GB RAM?
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I am looking for an alternative store to Newegg that sells 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR2-800 RAM.

Because I'm buying for work, and Newegg doesn't take POs, I need an alternative source. All the other stores I've checked don't have 4GB DDR2-800 DIMMs. If you know of a likely source, please let me know. Thanks!
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Have you tried Wiredzone? A server-purchasing friend swears by them. They carry almost all of Supermicro's product selection, which is a very healthy sign. Good stuff.
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Crucial has 4GB sticks that are registered ECC or fully buffered ECC; Kingston looks like it has something similar.
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Mr. L and I have used these guys for years:
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I buy all my stuff through MacSales aka Other World Computing. Looks like they have what you are looking for.
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Seconding Crucial. Loads of selection and I have never had a bad experience with them.
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NewEgg Business appears to accept POs if you set up an account with credit terms. They have basically the same selection as NewEgg retail, but be careful as the prices can be higher.
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Nthing Crucial, I've been using them as my go to for RAM for more han a decade now, and I've had nothing but excellent experiences.

I never understood why people willingly pay Apple's rates for RAM, when you can get the exact same memory for 1/2 the price.
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I should have specified that I'm looking for non-ECC RAM - this is for use in desktop boxes for image processing.
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Amazon sells DDR2 800, but I don't know if they take POs. I would imagine that CDW has it as well, but their prices are stupid high on everything.
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Bit of an echo in here, but yet another vote for Crucial. Been using them for more than a decade, and I've always been extremely happy. They're the direct-sales division of Micron, so they're pretty much guaranteed to have whatever unlikely RAM spec you're looking for, and their prices are generally more than competitive.
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Wiredzone has'em :)

By the way, the big memory distributors like Mushkin and Kingston have online configuration tools that tell you exactly which memory kits are compatible with your motherboard. Strongly suggest you have a look. Seems like the larger DIMM sizes take more care in selecting compatible ones.
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When I hear "takes POs" I think of good ol' CDW. They don't have a 4x4GB kit but they've got 2x4GBs.
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