How can I send a single fax online?
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I want to send a single fax online, without paying a subscription. Is this possible?

It's just one fax, four pages long. I don't need to receive faxes, I don't need to prepay for 100 pages, I don't need bundled voice mail, and since we're living in the 21st century, I don't want to subscribe for $10/month for something I'm just not likely to use again, ever. Netscape Fax Center looks like exactly what I want, except the "Send a Fax" link isn't working for me.
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Also, if it matters, the document I want to send is currently in PDF format. I'd like to be able to upload that somewhere and send it as a fax.
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Maybe TPC?
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TPC doesn't seem to allow attachments; I need to send a PDF. Formatting and graphics are part of the document.
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If you use TPC's fax-by-email, then you can indeed send attachments. According to the FAQ, their remote printer servers support the "application/postscript" MIME type at a minimum. So, you could convert your PDF to postscript using GSView, then attach it to an email and use TPC. Of course, all of this is moot if TPC does not cover the number you are trying to send to, so you might want to check that first.
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Aha! I had missed that detail. And the number I need to reach is indeed covered, so thank you both!
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I was so hopeful this would help me out, but my numbers aren't covered as of yet, and Netscapes' "Send A Fax" link doesn't work for me either. Does anyone else have any recommendations to save me from weeding out the duds on google? Thanks
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