What are some good 2.1 speakers for ~$200?
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Help me get some powered, 2.1 speakers with an auxillary input for ~$200.

So about a year ago, I bought a pair of Logitech Z523 speakers, on sale. They replaced my old Harman-Kardons which were completely blown. Long story short, they're crap. The sound quality is fine, but there's a number of structural defects -- the biggest one being that the sub manages to shake its own connection out of flush and constantly cause a buzzing or clicking -- and I want new speakers.

One of my favorite features of the Z523s was that they had an auxillary line input. So they could be plugged into my PS3 and my PC (or an iPod during parties) simultaneously. I don't want to give up this feature. I'm not sure if this can be replicated with a splitter and a converter, so if it can, that's fine.

So what are some good options in the $200 range? I'd get a 5.1 system, but the setup of my living room would make wiring the side-speakers a huge hassle and I haven't seen anything wireless in my price range (if there is, I'd love to see it.) I also looked at soundbars, but I really don't know anything about them and they all seem very expensive. I'm no audiophile, and I use these to watch TV/movies via Netflix Instant and play PS3 games more than anything.
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The newer version, Logitech Z623, has gotten solid reviews over at NewEgg. Looking at their comments for the model you have, some reviewers have expressed the same problems but it doesn't seem to be the same case with the Z623. Maybe they fixed those issues?

I have the older version, the Z4, and they still work perfectly after all these years.
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I'm a big fan of the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speakers. My partner and I connected these speakers to the TV in our bedroom and an Apple AirPort Express for AirPlay (the latter into the speaker's aux input) and it works perfectly. $150. Good sound quality, adjustable sub levels and volume from a separate control, which is also where the aux input is located. You have to crank the volume up really high to get distortion. I got them at Best Buy a couple years back, and they're in great shape. Looking at that website now, it looks like there is a wireless version for $200, but I don't know anything about it and can't vouch for that set.
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IME, Logitech has really good support- (replaced several devices for me, some with minor issues, some several years out of warranty)

Have you tried contacting them?
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I can happily recommend anything from Cambridge Soundworks. I bought a set of their cheapest 2.1 speakers ten years ago for peanuts and they still sound great.
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Can't speak to the sound quality, but the Corsair SP2200s seem pretty convenient, connection-wise. Some larger 2.0 systems, like the M-Audio AV-40s might also do the trick.
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